FAQ + Policies

A Note on Fresh Florals

At Calma we do everything possible to provide fresh, beautiful quality florals to our clients. Still, it's important that customers understand that fresh flowers are extremely delicate and require proper care. With proper care, we guarantee your flowers will last a minimum of three days from pickup or delivery date. To ensure the longest vase life of your flowers, please visit our Flower Care Guide for more information.
If you are not happy with the quality of your flowers, please get in touch at hi@calma-miami.com within 48 hours of your pickup or delivery date. Please provide a detailed description of your quality issue as well as photos of your flowers. In the event that a customer has a valid quality issue, we exchange the faulty arrangement/bouquet for a new arrangement/bouquet. We do not offer refunds.
We do not offer refunds or replacements based off of issues of personal tastes & flower preferences. If you are looking for something super specific, please get in touch with us directly before placing your order. Otherwise, all arrangements are 'Designer's Choice' and made at our discretion.


How can I order fresh flowers for pickup or delivery?
All flower orders must be placed online via our online shop. We deliver within Miami-Dade County only.
Can you ship fresh flowers to me outside of Miami?
We cannot ship fresh flowers out of Miami, sorry!
Do you do custom orders?
Yes, we do custom dry + fresh arrangements. We have a $250 minimum for custom arrangements. If that is more than you wanted to spend, consider purchasing something from our online shop instead.
I just received some flowers from Calma? Help! How do I take care of them?
Taking care of your flowers is important to keep them lasting as long as possible.
Visit our Flower Care Guide for more information!
How do I contact you?
The quickest + best way to get in touch with us is to send us an email at hi@calma-miami.com
Can I purchase single stems?
We do not currently offer single stems for sale. If you’d like flowers from Calma, you will have to purchase either a bouquet or an arrangement. 
Do you have a shop or studio we can shop at?
We used to have a pop up shop in the Design District however, our new studio is not open to the public - only for pickups and by appointment only.
Where does Calma source their flowers from?
Calma works with wholesalers who source flowers from all over the world. Most of the tropicals we use come from South America while most of the more delicate seasonal blooms come from Holland. In some cases, we use local flowers. Our dry florals are either dried in house or purchased from different wholesalers. 
How long will my flowers last?
There’s a lot of factors that play into how long a cut flower will last. Things like exposure to sunlight, drafts and water quality can greatly affect the vase-life of a flower. Also, different flowers have different life spans. For example, tropical flowers will last a lot longer than more delicate seasonal blooms. At Calma, we guarantee that your flowers will last a minimum of three days from pick up or delivery date. However, with proper care your flowers can last much longer. If you’re unsure of how to take care of your flowers, please visit our Flower Care Guide. 
What is your return policy?
All fresh floral purchases are final sale and we do not offer refunds. As mentioned above, we guarantee that your flowers will last a minimum of three days from your pickup or delivery date. If you have any issues with the quality of your florals, please email us at hi@calma-miami.com within 48 hours of pickup or delivery date with photos of your flowers and a detailed description of your issue. In some instances, we will gladly offer a replacement bouquet or arrangement. Issues of personal taste (for example, not liking a color or flower choice) are not grounds for returns, refunds or replacement. If you have a specific color of flower request, please make sure to get in touch with us before placing your order. Flower availability is highly dependent on lead time, season and cost.
I need to change my order!
If you need to change your order, please email us at hi@calma-miami.com. We do our best to accommodate last minute changes but cannot make any guarantees.
A Note On Color + Flower Requests
If you have a specific color or flower request, please make sure to get in touch with us before you place your order. We do our best to accommodate any flower or color requests but cannot make any guarantees. There are a lot of factors that play into flower availability - like cost, seasonality, weather and other kinds of factors are out of our control. With that said, please know that creating a beautiful floral design is of up most importance to us and even if we cannot guarantee a specific color or flower, we do our best to create something that's beautiful and within our style.
Delivery Date + Time
We fulfill fresh flower orders on Wednesdays through Fridays. Our delivery window is 11AM to 5PM. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time, sorry!
Delivery Disruption
In the event that no one is home to receive your flowers, we will leave the flowers in a safe spot on the doorstep or with a doorman (if they are being delivered to a condo.) Once the flowers are left, we do not make any guarantees on flower quality or reception so we highly recommend that you make sure someone is home when the flowers are meant to be delivered. Miami climate is very hot and flowers should not be left outside for an extended period of time. Additionally, while we do our best to leave them in a safe spot, leaving the flowers on a doorstep or porch make the susceptible to theft.