Collection: Fresh Flowers

*A note on flower orders*
At Calma, our focus is on modern designs that are fun, exciting and unique. All arrangements + bouquets are made using what’s fresh and exciting in the market that morning. What that means for you, the customer, is that it’s a little bit of a surprise what your order might look like. We like to think of that as the fun part and hope that you’ll trust us in creating something beautiful and unique for you. If you’d like to see what our work has been looking like lately, visit our Instagram. There you'll get a good sense of our style.
*Fresh flower deliveries and pickups for the month of January 2021 are on Fridays only!*
  • Peaches & Cream
    Peaches & Cream
    $75.00 - $275.00
  • Valentine's Day Bouquet Pre-Orders
    Valentine's Day Bouquet Pre-Orders
    $75.00 - $165.00
  • Tropical(ish)
    $75.00 - $275.00
  • Pink Sunset
    Pink Sunset
    $75.00 - $225.00
  • Designer's Choice
    Designer's Choice
    $75.00 - $225.00
  • Wild Botanicals
    Wild Botanicals
    $75.00 - $275.00